A cross-platform user library to access USB devices
Data Fields
libusb_container_id_descriptor Struct Reference

A structure representing the Container ID descriptor. More...

#include <libusb.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t bLength
 Size of this descriptor (in bytes)
uint8_t bDescriptorType
 Descriptor type. More...
uint8_t bDevCapabilityType
 Capability type. More...
uint8_t bReserved
 Reserved field.
uint8_t ContainerID [16]
 128 bit UUID

Detailed Description

A structure representing the Container ID descriptor.

This descriptor is documented in section of the USB 3.0 specification. All multiple-byte fields, except UUIDs, are represented in host-endian format.

Field Documentation

uint8_t libusb_container_id_descriptor::bDescriptorType

Descriptor type.

Will have value libusb_descriptor_type::LIBUSB_DT_DEVICE_CAPABILITY LIBUSB_DT_DEVICE_CAPABILITY in this context.

uint8_t libusb_container_id_descriptor::bDevCapabilityType

Capability type.

Will have value libusb_capability_type::LIBUSB_BT_CONTAINER_ID LIBUSB_BT_CONTAINER_ID in this context.

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