III. Functions

Table of Contents
I. Core
usb_init -- Initialize libusb
usb_find_busses -- Finds all USB busses on system
usb_find_devices -- Find all devices on all USB devices
usb_get_busses -- Return the list of USB busses found
II. Device operations
usb_open -- Opens a USB device
usb_close -- Closes a USB device
usb_set_configuration -- Sets the active configuration of a device
usb_set_altinterface -- Sets the active alternate setting of the current interface
usb_resetep -- Resets state for an endpoint
usb_clear_halt -- Clears any halt status on an endpoint
usb_reset -- Resets a device
usb_claim_interface -- Claim an interface of a device
usb_release_interface -- Releases a previously claimed interface
III. Control Transfers
usb_control_msg -- Send a control message to a device
usb_get_string -- Retrieves a string descriptor from a device
usb_get_string_simple -- Retrieves a string descriptor from a device using the first language
usb_get_descriptor -- Retrieves a descriptor from a device's default control pipe
usb_get_descriptor_by_endpoint -- Retrieves a descriptor from a device
IV. Bulk Transfers
usb_bulk_write -- Write data to a bulk endpoint
usb_bulk_read -- Read data from a bulk endpoint
V. Interrupt Transfers
usb_interrupt_write -- Write data to an interrupt endpoint
usb_interrupt_read -- Read data from a interrupt endpoint
VI. Non Portable
usb_get_driver_np -- Get driver name bound to interface
usb_detach_kernel_driver_np -- Detach kernel driver from interface