A cross-platform user library to access USB devices
Data Fields
libusb_control_setup Struct Reference

Setup packet for control transfers. More...

#include <libusb.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t bmRequestType
 Request type. More...
uint8_t bRequest
 Request. More...
uint16_t wValue
 Value. More...
uint16_t wIndex
 Index. More...
uint16_t wLength
 Number of bytes to transfer.

Detailed Description

Setup packet for control transfers.

Field Documentation

uint8_t libusb_control_setup::bmRequestType

Request type.

Bits 0:4 determine recipient, see libusb_request_recipient. Bits 5:6 determine type, see libusb_request_type. Bit 7 determines data transfer direction, see libusb_endpoint_direction.

uint8_t libusb_control_setup::bRequest


If the type bits of bmRequestType are equal to LIBUSB_REQUEST_TYPE_STANDARD then this field refers to libusb_standard_request. For other cases, use of this field is application-specific.

uint16_t libusb_control_setup::wValue


Varies according to request

uint16_t libusb_control_setup::wIndex


Varies according to request, typically used to pass an index or offset

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